UK: Vaping Forum Announced

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) intends to stage its first industry forum next year.

The Going for Growth Forum will focus on ¡®building upon the dramatic growth in the sector and realising predictions of a market value of more than ¡ê4bn by 2021,¡¯ according to a UKVIA press note.

The event, which is scheduled to be held on April 23 at the Kings Fund, a leading think tank in health and social care, is expected to bring together more than 200 industry representatives, parliamentarians, public health professionals and researchers.

¡°These are exciting times for the industry as more organisations acknowledge the vital role that vaping plays to help smokers quit, including the government, Public Health England and the British Medical Association,¡± said UKVIA board member John Dunne.

¡®Such progress is matched within the industry, with predictions of a record Christmas for trading, the rise in retail vape shops across the country and the UKVIA membership doubling in the last six months.

¡®Now the UKVIA is firmly established and the sector is at an important stage in its ongoing development, it is the perfect time to stage our very first industry forum.

¡®Ultimately, we want to establish the biggest business to business event in the sector.  Enditem