Vaping To Get Public Airing

A public debate on EU vaping regulations is to be held in Brussels from 08.00 to 09.30 on November 6, according to the organizer, The Parliament Magazine.

The debate will aim to gain insight into the demands of smokers and vapers, and what role regulators should play in enabling innovation while ensuring quality and product safety.

The debate, which is being hosted by the UK member of the European Parliament, David Campbell Bannerman, and supported by Japan Tobacco International, is due to address novel tobacco products and electronic cigarettes as alternatives to traditional cigarettes for nicotine delivery.

The Magazine said the increase in popularity of such alternative products had become the subject of a political debate about their regulation: whether they should be accepted as alternatives to traditional tobacco products or banned. ¡®Even in the European Union, where the TPD2 [the revised Tobacco Products Directive] provides a clear regulatory framework for these products, the attitude towards vaping varies from member state to member state,¡¯ the Magazine said.

¡®Unanimously, the public debate is centred around the potential and evidenced benefits for consumer and public health. But one should not look at their risk reduction potential in isolation. For society and public health, in particular, to tap into the full potential of this new category consumers not only need to accept novel nicotine delivery systems but also their broad spectrum of benefits.

¡®Do we really know what users are looking for? What are the drivers behind this fiercely consumer-led category?

¡®Reduced-risk potential is an important, if not the most important aspect, however, consumers are increasingly interested in products that address a broadening spectrum of personal and social needs.

¡®This panel discussion between high profile experts will explore and investigate a broad array of consumer motivators currently less considered and therefore underrepresented by policy making.¡¯

Speakers are due to be announced soon.

To register interest, potential participants should contact:; 0044 207 593 5560; 0044 207 593 5672.  Enditem