UK: Vapers To Get Fair Deal

UK vapers are to be given the chance of accessing life insurance at rates close to those paid by non-smokers, according to a press note put out by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) and the insurance adviser Future Proof.

Until now, vapers ¨C and people who have quit smoking by using nicotine replacement products ¨C have been paying the same premiums as smokers, despite their having switched to less harmful products.

Currently, a 40-year-old smoker who takes out £200,000 of life cover over 25 years can be expected to pay £38.09 a month, whereas a non-smoker would pay £16.06 a month for the same level of cover.

But Future Proof is said to have launched the UK¡¯s first ever price-comparison site especially designed for vapers, a site that will allow them to be separated from smokers and to access tailored insurance packages. The offer applies to former smokers who have been smoke-free through vaping for a year.

According to the press note, a 40-year-old vaper with a 25-year, £200,000 policy, would pay £18.77 a month, much less than a smoker would pay but more than a non-smoker, non-vaper would pay.

David Mead, chief executive of Future Proof, was quoted as saying that his company had wanted to bring an easy-to-use price-comparison site to help vapers save money. ¡°The biggest winners are people who have only been vaping and people who have not been using tobacco products for at least 12 months,¡± he said.

Meanwhile, a UKVIA spokesperson described the initiative as ¡°fantastic news for vapers all across the UK who will finally be given fair treatment¡±¡­

¡°Vaping has been recognised as being at least 95 percent less harmful than smoking and it is a great sign to see the insurance market is finally acknowledging this evidence and is moving away from treating vapers as smokers.¡±  Enditem

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