Swedish Match Launches Night Owl Pipe Tobacco Cigars Nationwide

Swedish Match, the makers of White Owl cigars, have done it again with the nationwide launch of Night Owl, an innovative pipe tobacco cigar that is creating excitement in the category. From the makers of the highly successful White Owl brand, the newest entry, Night Owl tipped pipe tobacco cigars, are crafted with the finest tobacco and packaged in the unique resealable FoilFresh® pouch, which guarantees freshness. The new packaging has been tested by consumers and is preferred over the package box design that competitors offer by consumers, according to a Swedish Match consumer study.

"The pipe tobacco cigar category is a unique one with tremendous opportunity," said Michael Lowzinski, Assistant Brand Manager, Cigars and Pipe Tobacco for Swedish Match. "This particular segment of cigars has experienced slower growth and less innovation, but we fully expect the introduction of Night Owl cigars to change the forecast."

Previously only sold in Kansas, Missouri, Wawa and Circle K, Night Owl pipe tobacco cigars are now available nationwide in four flavor options, including classic, wine, tropical and black cherry. The Night Owl flavor profiles selected for the launch are aligned with the top segment flavors, and were tested and approved by consumers, who rated the flavors as being on par with successful White Owl cigar flavors, also produced by Swedish Match.

"Fueling growth in cigar segments is nothing new for Swedish Match," added Lowzinski. "We've done this in the natural leaf, rolled-leaf and homogenized tobacco leaf categories through our Game, Game Leaf, and White Owl product lines. A highly experienced team orchestrated this launch, and put a lot of hard work, research and thoughtfulness into the plans. We're excited to see this contribute to a successful year for Swedish Match."

Night Owl is available in a variety of formats, including "2 for 99 cents," "Save on 2," four-packs, and Limited-Edition pairings with White Owl Spiked Lemonade and Game Blue Raspberry cigars.

To learn more about Night Owl pipe tobacco cigars, visit nightowlcigar.com.  Enditem

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